Activities & Services



In alignment with its objectives, TechAB, has been taking a host of initiatives as an on-going process that has relevance and usefulness for the members and other industry stakeholders. It has a vibrant website that is a convergence of updated information. It is gradually increasing its presence in the social media platforms.

  • Organizing Exhibitions & Trade Fares
  • Facilitating participation of members in popular IT Exhibitions
  • Buyer-Seller meets & other Client Connect initiatives
  • Participation in B2B meets for improved industry connect
  • Workshops on evolving technologies
  • Initiatives on Anti-Piracy in terms of awareness and implementation
  • Closely monitors unfair trade practices and make adequate representations resolution
  • Regular interaction with Government on industry specific issues
  • Facilitating with legal advice and guidance
  • Helps mobilize funds in event of natural calamities and similar macro-level crisis
  • Celebration of important festivals & picnics